Used EBARA A25S #179338 for sale

ID: 179338
EBARA A25S is a single stage, end suction centrifugal pump. It operates on a two-pole motor up to a maximum of 11 kW (15 hp). The pump is designed for general industrial purposes, with a maximum flow rate of 92 m³/h (402 US gpm), a maximum head of 179 m (588 feet) and a maximum discharge pressure of 16 bar (232 PSI). It can handle liquids with a temperature range between -20°C and +160°C. Its materials of construction have been selected to maximize corrosion resistance, featuring a copper-free cast-iron casing, stainless steel impeller and motor shaft, carbon-ceramic mechanical seals and a bronze impeller. The pump contains a built-in strainer, which prevents the entry of solid particles into the impeller or motor, and a suction-side nozzle to reduce turbulence. The motor operates at a frequency of 50 Hz and can be supplied in 3-phase versions up to IP55 protection. Additionally, a variety of flexible configurations are possible if extra options are chosen, such as a different impeller, pressure gauges, feet and lifting eyes, seals, check valves, bearing sets and additional installations. EBARA A 25S is a reliable, efficient pump system with a wide range of applications. It is particularly suitable for higher-pressure systems, such as those found in municipalities, factories and irrigation networks. Its maximum capacity and range of features make it a highly flexible, robust and cost-effective solution for any industrial or commercial process requiring high-quality pumping performance. The pump can be easily maintained and serviced through regular check-ups and cleaning procedures. Furthermore, it is compliant with international standards for both performance and safety.
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