Used EBARA A30W #146738 for sale

ID: 146738
Dry pumps Exhaust velocity: 3600 L/min Oil: 1.6 kg.
EBARA A30W is a centrifugal pump, designed and manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer EBARA Corporation. The pump is notably strong, powerful and reliable, with a volute-type structure and single-impeller configuration. EBARA A 30W is suitable for a variety of applications in various industrial fields. A 30 W is classed as a single-stage centrifugal pump, meaning that it is driven by a single impeller. A 30W's impeller is constructed from a high-grade stainless steel to ensure optimum performance and durability. A30W operates in an efficient manner, producing flow rates up to 658 cubic meters per hour, and heads up to 92 metres, depending on the media being pumped. The pump has a wide range of capacities due to it using a volute casing instead of the more traditional volute vertical configuration used by other pumps. This also enhances its NPSH (net positive suction head) capabilities. The bearing bracket for EBARA A 30 W allows for easy installation and can be adjusted for the specific needs of the application. To efficiently transfer the power from the rotating shaft to the impeller, the pump features a rigid shaft supported by a balanced set of roller bearings. EBARA A30W is designed to offer superior long-term reliability and performance. The electric motor is designed with a TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) enclosure to reduce the vibration and noise output for a quieter operation. Additionally, the impeller has a dual mechanical seal to ensure that the pump does not leak. EBARA A 30W is highly resistant to chemicals, salt water and other corrosive liquids and elements. It is equipped with an external anti-rust coating to shield the pump from damages due to external environment. Overall, A 30 W centrifugal pump is an extremely reliable and powerful model, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, offering superior performance and long-term reliability. It is optimally designed to provide efficient and economical pumping solutions to public, commercial and private users.
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