Used EBARA A30W #9065369 for sale

ID: 9065369
Pumps with hand pad.
EBARA A30W pump is an axial flow water pump used in a wide variety of industrial and agricultural applications. This pump is designed with an advanced single volute casing design for efficient and reliable performance. It features a radial impeller, which is designed to provide pump operation over a wide range of flow rates, making it an ideal choice for use in agricultural and industrial applications. Its radial impeller also provides a high efficiency, energy-saving operation while still delivering superior performance. This pump is also capable of operating in multiple orientations, making it suitable for a range of different installation locations. EBARA A 30W pump has a maximum capacity of 36.86 m3/hr (162 US gpm) with a maximum head of 13.8 m (46.7 ft). This high-capacity, axial flow pump is constructed with a sturdy, robust construction which ensures low vibration and noise levels. It is driven by an electric motor which is capable of running at up to 50 Hz and has a maximum power output of 14.5 kW. This pump is designed for a variety of uses in commercial and agricultural applications. It is suited for use in the transfer of water, drainage, and irrigation systems and can be utilized for both municipal and agricultural pollution control operations. This pump is highly efficient, has a long service life, and is comprised of corrosion-resistant materials to ensure reliable operation in harsh conditions. A 30 W pump is easy to maintain and offers comprehensive maintenance support, with spare parts and service available from authorized suppliers. It can be conveniently installed and occupies minimal space, allowing for efficient and reliable water supply systems. This pump provides users with maximum performance and reliability while still allowing for simple installation.
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