Used EBARA A30W #9065402 for sale

ID: 9065402
Dry pumps Power: 208V, 3 phase.
EBARA A30W is a reliable and robust pump that has been developed to be used in a variety of applications. It is a three-phase asynchronous motor that can be used for supplying cooling water, filling and draining tanks, and conveyance of liquid industrial waste. This all-purpose pump has a maximum power of 5.5 kW and a maximum pump head pressure of 45 mWC (meters of water column). Its maximum capacity is 127 m³/h, with a suction/discharge diameter of 80mm. It features a closed-style design complete with an integrated vibration-dampening equipment, while the pump casing is made from strong cast iron. This helps to increase the pump's durability and long-term performance. The pump is powered by an asynchronous motor, which is designed to run as quietly as possible while still offering high performance. The motor's casing is made from high-tensile aluminium alloy, and the cooling is done by an efficient 3-phase system. The motor has a Class F insulation unit, so it has a very low electrical loss and a long lifespan. It also has both protections from overheating and overload. EBARA A 30W pump includes a wide range of features such as a commercial grade seal, a double mechanical seal, a wear-resistant impeller and a cylinder back-plate guiding machine which helps to reduce friction and turbulence. Thanks to these features, the pump's performance is improved and reduces maintenance costs. A 30 W is an ideal choice for pumping applications in industrial and commercial settings. It is versatile, highly efficient and reliable with a long-lasting design. It has also been designed to provide users with a cost-effective pumping solution.
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