Used EBARA A30W #9091031 for sale

ID: 9091031
Dry pump.
EBARA A30W is an industrial-grade pump specifically designed for wastewater management applications. The pump is suitable for operation with wastewater containing dirt particles, high temperatures, and aggressive fluids. It is a single-stage, semi-submersible vortex pump with an innovative low-maintenance construction that can handle a wide range of wastewater solutions. EBARA A 30W offers maximum efficiency through its efficient design, using an eccentric, spiral impeller design that creates a vortex-like movement of fluid, resulting in increased efficiency in both pumping and air handling. This model features a double-layered impeller system, which gives the pump significantly enhanced air-handling capabilities and ensures that any air entering the pump is quickly removed. The impeller is crafted from hard-wearing Noryl, providing superior wear and corrosion protection, and its single-stage design ensures smooth operation and reliable performance. The pump's maximum operating capacity is between 30 and 500 cubic meters per hour, depending on the media to be pumped. It is designed to be used in applications with a maximum working pressure of up to 10 bar, and an operating temperature range of between 0°C and 50°C. The pump also features an extension tube which can be very useful in applications where the liquid level varies. A 30 W has a number of additional features that make it an ideal choice for wastewater management applications. It has a double-ended mechanical seal, which has superior leakage protection; a precision mechanical counterweight, which provides smooth multi-speed operation; and a highly efficient cooling system, which enables the pump to operate at lower temperatures than most other models on the market. The pump's efficient connection system also makes it easy to maintain. A30W is a robust, reliable, and efficient pump that is a great choice for wastewater management applications. It offers superior performance, enhanced air-handling capabilities, and efficient cooling capacity making it suitable for various applications. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, EBARA A 30 W can also be easily installed in a variety of different locations.
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