Used EBARA A30W #9092113 for sale

ID: 9092113
Dry pumps.
EBARA A30W is a submersible drainage and sewage pump designed to meet various needs, with a powerful engine designed for superior performance. This motor is specifically designed for use in wastewater, slurry, sewage, and drainage applications. EBARA A 30W pump is ideal for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective water and wastewater transfer. A 30 W pump features an efficient motor design, allowing for efficient and reliable operation. The motor of A30W pump utilizes an inlet guide vane equipment to reduce hydraulic losses and create a more efficient pump. Additionally, the pump features a corrosion-resistant, cast iron construction, offering a durable and reliable performance. A 30W pump is a single-stage, single-vane pump that utilizes a double mechanical seal system, providing reliable, leak-resistant performance. This double mechanical seal unit is designed to protect the pump from external corrosion, and it also increases the overall performance of the pump. Additionally, the pump utilizes an external thermal protector that is designed to protect the motor from overheating during operation. EBARA A 30 W pump features a power rating of 30kW and can generate a maximum flow rate of 59 l/s. It can be operated with a maximum head up to 14 meters, with a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar. Furthermore, EBARA A30W pump operates at an efficient frequency of 60 Hz and a rated voltage of 230 volts. The pump also offers an incredibly durable design with its float type guide vane that prevents the passage of large debris, protecting the pump from damage. Additionally, the box and frame design ensure that the pump can be easily installed as it allows for easy access to the pump components. Plus, EBARA A 30W pump requires minimal maintenance, saving both time and money over the long term. Overall, A 30 W pump is an ideal choice for cost-effective and reliable water and wastewater transfer. With its highly efficient motor design, double mechanical seal machine, and durable construction, A30W pump is sure to provide reliable and efficient water transfer for a long time.
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