Used EBARA A70W-K #161759 for sale

ID: 161759
EBARA A70W-K is a powerful and reliable pump designed for severe wastewater applications. It is built with a cast iron construction which makes it sturdy and designed to handle variable flows and long periods of operation. The pump features a low speed, closed-coupled motor design with a maximum flow output of 70GPM, making it an ideal choice for applications with high flow requirements. A70W-K comes with a thermal overload and automatic reset to protect the motor from overheating, as well as a mechanical seal for added efficiency and maintenance. EBARA A70W-K has two distinct components - a motor, and a wet-end. The motor is a single phase, 3-speed motor with a range of operating speeds from 1750 to 3450 RPM. It offers a maximum operating temperature of up to 50°C. The motor includes automatic overload and reset protection to guard against overheating which can damage the pump and decrease efficiency. The wet-end module has an impeller and volute casing design, constructed from cast iron to handle long runs and variable flow conditions. A70W-K comes with a non-overloadable integral back pull-out design, which is easy to maintain. EBARA A70W-K provides outstanding efficiency, performance and robustness, making it suitable for wastewater applications such as sewage and slurry pumping, as well as waste-water lift stations. It is also suitable for water treatment and dewatering applications. Additionally, A70W-K features a low-noise operation, which makes it well-suited for use in residential areas. Moreover, the pump is designed with a mechanical seal for extra protection and improved efficiency, ensuring the pump retains its performance over time. EBARA A70W-K is a reliable and powerful pump suitable for many wastewater applications, performing at its highest level for the long haul. The excellent motor protection and robust construction offer reliable performance for years of use, while the low-noise operation make it suitable for residential areas and other sensitive locations. With its wide range of features, A70W-K is an excellent choice for many wastewater applications.
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