Used EBARA A70W #9091033 for sale

ID: 9091033
Dry pump.
EBARA A70W is a centrifugal pump manufactured by EBARA Corp. It is designed to move liquids, typically water, from one place to another. The pump has a maximum flow rate of 250 liters per minute at a discharge pressure of 70 meters of head. It is powered by a single phase, 0.75 kW motor. The motor is connected to a pump impeller, which has a fixed-capacity bearing for the motor shaft. The pump is made of stainless steel for superior buy-off, and uses a mechanical seal to prevent leakage of pumpage. The stainless steel casing also ensures durability and corrosion-resistance in many application environments. The unique design of the impeller minimizes turbulence and maximizes the capacity of the centrifugal pump. Additionally, the shaft is supported by ball bearings that ensure reliable operation and a long life. EBARA A 70W pump is designed for ease of installation and is configurable in a variety of layout configurations. The command unit is designed to be installed away from the motor and connected with a link between the two for a motor-pump combination that is optimized for performance. Also, the rubber foot mounted on the motor base provides reliable friction between the pump and the floor. The unit is designed for low-noise operation and features a low-voltage motor that is resistant to power fluctuations. All the components are tested and certified to international safety standards, ensuring the reliability and safety of A 70 W pump. Overall, EBARA A 70 W is an efficient and reliable centrifugal pump that offers maximum performance out of its low-power motor. The stainless steel casing and the mechanical seal help ensure the durability and longevity of the pump. The ease of installation and the availability of layout configurations make it an ideal choice for many different kinds of applications.
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