Used EBARA A70WC #179341 for sale

ID: 179341
EBARA A70WC is a centrifugal, close-coupled, single-stage volute pump, designed for optimal performance in water circulation and transfer applications. This pump is particularly suitable for use in industrial, commercial and residential installations. A70WC is constructed with a high-performance, bronze-casted impeller. This impeller is designed to provide superior durability and efficiency while still providing consistent performance under varying conditions. The pump's volute casing is also made from bronze and is corrosion-resistant, making it appropriate for use in long-term applications. EBARA A70WC is typically driven by a motor or engine with a single-phase power supply, providing quiet operation and easy maintenance. The pump features a waterproof IP55 enclosure, making it suited for both wet and dry applications. The pump is rated for a maximum flow rate of 6 m3/hr at a maximum pressure of 4.5 bar. The pump is further rated for a maximum liquid temperature of +35 Celsius with a maximum ambient temperate of +40 Celsius. The power consumption of the pump is 740 W with a maximum power rating of 1.5kW. The pump has a recommended pre-set speed of 2900 RPM, with a maximum speed of 3450 RPM. A70WC is also designed with a large number of user-friendly features. These include a heavy-duty bearing design, which provides guaranteed longer life. The pump is also designed with a superior shaft seal, reducing leakages and the risk of contamination. Additionally, the pump features a self-priming function, making it a suitable choice for installations without inlet foot valves or suction lift applications. Overall, EBARA A70WC is an efficient and versatile pump, providing superior performance and unmatched reliability for water circulation and transfer applications.
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