Used EBARA A70WN #150788 for sale

ID: 150788
EBARA A70WN is a submersible centrifugal pump designed for pumping clear water and sewage from drainage pits, ponds, and other non-corrosive applications. Its robust construction and superior hydraulic performance makes it an ideal solution for a variety of applications. EBARA A 70WN is equipped with a single stage impeller, which provides high pressure performance and enables it to transcend long distances with high efficiency. The pump is engineered with a hardened stainless steel motor shaft, while the outer body is constructed from cast iron to ensure greater strength and durability. It is designed with a modular construct that allows for easy installation and maintenance in hard-to-access locations. A70W-N also features advanced safety features and an adjustable start level. The pump is secured in place with two stainless steel bolts, which fit snugly over the mounting flange. Once installed, the motor will not start until the start level is reached. Once the set level is surpassed, the pump will engage and function until the end of its pumping cycle. This pump is designed for vertical or horizontal positioning and can achieve maximum head heights of up to 82 feet. The maximum flow rate of A 70 WN is 472 GPM and it has a power rating of 4-6.3 kW. It is available in either 50 Hz or 60 Hz and can be used in both residential and commercial applications. A70WN is also built with a self-priming system, which ensures that the pump is always primed for optimal performance. It features a highly efficient backwater, allowing it to be used for both low-temperature and confined spaces. With a wide range of motor protection functions, A 70WN pump can provide a longer life cycle and greater cost savings. And finally, the pump comes in an array of sizes, ranging from 60mm to 75mm and is provided with a one-year limited warranty. With its unbeatable performance, ease of installation and advanced safety features, EBARA A70W-N is the ideal choice for reliable, efficient and cost-effective domestic and commercial applications.
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