Used EBARA A70WN #165048 for sale

ID: 165048
EBARA A70WN is a widely used centrifugal pump designed for commercial and residential applications. This robust pump is constructed out of a corrosion resistant body, making it ideal for both potable and wastewater applications. The motor of EBARA A 70WN allows for efficient operation, with a maximum flow rate of up to 70 liters per minute and a maximum head of up to 16 meters. This pump can be connected to either a single-phase or three-phase power source, and can be used with a variety of motors depending on the application. The pump comes with heavy duty, dynamically balanced impellers that are meant to last. The impellers also feature a high free passage, allowing for the safe passage of suspended solids up to a size of 8mm. This ensures that the pump does not clog up in systems where solid debris might be present. A70W-N also features a back flow prevention equipment. This system helps reduce the risk of contamination in contaminated water systems. Furthermore, an integrated relief valve is also present, giving protection against over pressurization. In addition to its robust construction, the pump also features an Anti-friction bearing unit, reducing the pump's wear and tear. This bearing machine also helps reduce the maintenance costs, prolonging the life of the pump significantly over its lifetime. Other than its great performance, EBARA A70W-N also comes with protection against high temperatures, with a safe operating temperature range of between -20°C and +40°C. This ensures that the pump can perform reliably in both cold and hot climates without failing. Overall, A70WN is a great choice for pumping requirements in both commercial and residential settings. Its robust construction and great performance mean that it can be relied upon to perform reliably over the years, while its features like the back flow prevention tool and high temperature protection help ensure the maximum safety of users in potentially hazardous applications.
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