Used EBARA AA 200 #9068118 for sale

AA 200
ID: 9068118
Pumps, 208V.
EBARA AA 200 is a positive displacement, single screw pump, designed for high pressure and corrosive superior performance. This pump is made up of a single, pre-stressed shaft that is driven by a single super-efficient gearbox, with an optional three-screw pump head. Its unique design provides over 200mm (0.8" ) of differential, allowing for higher pressure and higher flow than conventional pumps. The pressure capacity of EBARA AA200 can reach up to 3650 bar (53,000 psi). AA 200 is designed to handle abrasive, corrosive and clog-prone fluids, and is built with advanced materials and precision machining to ensure optimal performance. This pump features a double mechanical seal, ensuring superior pressure resistance, and a non-metallic construction of the body to reduce any potential corrosion. The interior of the pump is made of a high-grade stainless steel, offering long-term durability, high performance and superior corrosion and erosion resistance. Additionally, AA200 also features a built-in pressure regulator to help maintain consistent and even pressure throughout the fluid's movement. EBARA AA 200 is ideal for applications requiring high pressure, such as hydraulic systems, closed loop cooling, high pressure cleaning systems, and more. This pump is designed for lower noise operation and provide low vibrations that help maintain a quiet and safe working environment. Additionally, EBARA AA200 is equipped with a control unit, which provides superior precision control and monitoring of pressure levels for accurate and reliable operation. AA 200 is easy to maintain and install, thanks to its reliable and reliable construction. Its superior design features help ensure reliable operation during times of heavy use or prolonged periods of operation, while its low cost and energy-saving design make it a cost-effective, reliable solution to many water pumping needs. Ultimately, AA200 is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications that require pressure or corrosive fluids, while offering superior performance and reliability.
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