Used EBARA AA10 #146820 for sale

ID: 146820
Dry pumps, 208V, many available.
EBARA AA10 is a centrifugal pump that is manufactured by EBARA Corporation for applications in industries such as water treatment, wastewater, HVAC and boiler feed. It has a max flow-rate of 90 GPM and max pressure of 120 PSI, making it an ideal pump for a variety of moderate flow and pressure applications. EBARA AA 10 has a vertical in-line design, with a suction and discharge port positioned at the same level. This makes it an easier pump to install. The pump utilizes an impeller, which moves the liquid from the suction into the discharge port. The impeller also provides continuous priming, allowing the pump to restart automatically without any manual help. This design has the additional benefit of allowing the pump to have a back pull-out design which makes it easier to maintain and repair. The material construction of AA10 is made to handle a variety of corrosive and erosive water duties including standard and chemical duty water, as well as chilled and thermal applications. It has a semi-open and enclosed impeller construction, with a mechanical seal that allows the pump to maintain internal pressure while also providing fail-safe protection against leakage. The shaft diameter is available as either a 5.5" or 6.0" option, and the lift-off ring design enables a quick and easy disassembly for repairs. The seal chamber which is located in the volute casing is also designed for corrosion and erosive duty applications. AA 10 EBARA is an efficient and reliable pump for a variety of applications. The design is compact and versatile and allows for flexibility when selecting the right pump for the job. It has a bronze or stainless steel construction for durability and can handle temperatures up to 300°F (177°C). It also is easily maintained and serviced, with quick release access and internal check valves to reduce any potential down time if repairs are needed. The pumps are also UL and CSA approved, allowing customers even more peace of mind. EBARA AA10 is an efficient and reliable pump for a variety of applications and is the right fit for the job.
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