Used EBARA AA10 #165077 for sale

ID: 165077
Dry pumps.
EBARA AA10 is a centrifugal pump designed for a variety of uses in industrial and commercial settings. Its high-efficiency impeller and robust construction make it suitable for a wide array of different liquid pumping applications. EBARA AA 10 is driven by a single phase permanent split capacitor direct drive motor which is easy to maintain, highly reliable and long-lasting. This motor is capable of running at speeds up to 3,450 revolutions per minute and provides up to 1.1kW of power, making it more than capable of powering the heavy-duty centrifugal impeller. By fitting the pump with a three-phase motor, it can be used for both constant and variable speed operation. The versatile design of AA10 allows for it to be used in a variety of operations. It is capable of handling both cold and hot water up to 80 degrees Celsius and is suitable for a wide range of pumping applications, including water supply and drainage, circulation, irrigation and pressure boosting systems. This pump features a robust housing made from thermally optimized material that ensures the maximum efficiency from the pump motor as well as safety from dirt buildup. It also has a standard built-in rotor which allows for easy installation and also prevents any dirt buildup in the pump shaft. Furthermore, its casing is designed for reduced noise levels, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments. AA 10 is capable of reaching maximum head heights up to 45 meters and maximum flow rates up to 90 liters per minute, making it ideal for both medium to high flow rate pumping operations. Furthermore, it has an adaptive capacity, meaning that it can easily be adjusted to suit specific application requirements. Overall, EBARA AA10 is a highly efficient, reliable and robust centrifugal pump that can provide an excellent service life in a wide range of liquid transfer applications. Its wide range of features and adaptability make it an ideal choice for industrial and commercial pumping applications.
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