Used EBARA AA10 #9066806 for sale

ID: 9066806
Dry pump.
EBARA AA10 is a high performance medium-sized centrifugal pump produced by EBARA Corporation. This pump design is ideal for applications which require a medium to high flow rate while providing high efficiency and durability. It's a great option for many medium to large sized water treatments, pumping, and industrial applications. EBARA AA 10 features a reliable two-pole motor design which produces less vibration and sound to reduce noise levels. It is designed with an open-coupled configuration which allows for easy installation and maintenance. It also reduces the potential for leaks and increases the life of the impeller and seals. This pump includes an overload protector and a high-efficiency impeller which improve the performance. AA10 is capable of a maximum flow rate of 280 cubic meters per hour (m³/hr) and has a maximum head of 40 m. It is built with durable stainless steel and cast iron components with a corrosion-resistant split seal to withstand continuous operation. The impeller on this pump is dynamically balanced according to ISO 19406 standards and includes an adjustable diffuser to optimize the pumping efficiency of the pump. AA 10 integrates a remote controller with a programmable logic controller which allows for simple and efficient pump monitoring. This controller also allows for automation to maintain the desired flow rate or head condition of the pump. Additionally, EBARA AA10 is connected to an electronic display which displays the running conditions such as power, noise, and temperature, as well as the operating status for ease of troubleshooting. To ensure safe and reliable operation, EBARA AA 10 is designed with a comprehensive safety protection system which includes overload protectors, dual thermal protectors, and a feedback circuit breaker to protect the pump from overcurrent and short-circuits. AA10 is one of the most reliable and efficient centrifugal pumps available, and is a great choice for industrial and water treatments applications.
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