Used EBARA AA10 #9092120 for sale

ID: 9092120
Dry pumps.
EBARA AA10 is a pump that has been designed for general purpose applications, and is used in a variety of industrial and domestic applications. It is a versatile pump, and is used for pumping water, oil, fuel and other lubricants. EBARA AA 10 is a centrifugal pump and has a high efficiency and is suitable for use in either clean water or waste water services. It features a horizontal in-line design, which is robust and compact, meaning it can fit into the tightest of spaces. The pump comes with a standardised bracket, allowing for easy installation. AA10 operates with capacities of up to 10 cubic metres per hour, and can reach heads of up to 57 metres. It has a maximum operating pressure of 7 bar and a temperature range of between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for many different applications. The pump is capable of working with both clean water and contaminated waste water, making it very versatile. AA 10 is also well-known for its reliability, and is certified to European safety standards. It is also very low in maintenance, thanks to its durable construction. It has an advanced self-priming system, which ensures a faster start-up. EBARA AA10 is a robust and durable pump, which is designed for a long service life. It has a stainless steel impeller, and is designed to work with extremely low levels of noise, ensuring that it is suitable for use in residential areas. Overall, EBARA AA 10 is a reliable and durable pump, designed to work in a variety of applications. It is suitable for pumping water, oil, fuel and other lubricants, and is certified to European safety standards. It is highly efficient and low maintenance, and is designed to deliver a long lifetime of use.
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