Used EBARA AA20 #161754 for sale

ID: 161754
EBARA AA20 pump is a reliable and robust submersible pump designed to deliver superior performance and durability in harsh underwater conditions. This pump is ideal for applications such as industrial, commercial, agricultural and municipal use. It is constructed with a Noryl body and 316SS impeller and can handle up to a 10 hp motor. The pump is feature-packed, offering superior performance at high temperatures, rapid priming and superior cruise control over other models. This pump has a large-bore, dual-action double mechanical seal that provides superior protection against leaks, while a high-capacity balanced pressure relief vent ensures that no pressure builds up when the motor is running. EBARA AA 20 features an auto-start system that prevents overloads and reduces energy costs by only using the power needed to do the job and shutting down when not in use. The pump is also rotatable for easier installation and maintenance, and is fitted with a thermal overload protection switch for added safety. The flexible motor and impeller design allows for a greater range of flow rates and custom pressure ratings, and the sealed bearing design prevents ingress of any contaminants or debris. This robust pump is suitable for a variety of demanding applications, and its superior performance and durability makes it an excellent choice.
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