Used EBARA AA20 #9092121 for sale

ID: 9092121
Dry pumps.
EBARA AA20 is a vertical multi-stage pump designed for industrial and commercial applications requiring high pressure and/or high flow. This pump is capable of producing up to 12 m3/h flow rate and up to 160 m head at 50 Hz, depending on the stage configuration used. EBARA AA 20 also features a wide selection of volute sizes and impeller parts to tailor the performance to the application requirements. This pump is designed and manufactured in accordance with European mechanical standards and registrations, conforming to the CE mark. The main design feature of AA20 multi-stage pump is a single centripetal impeller. This impeller, which rotates within the volute, consists of more than one set of stages and the design of these stages depends on the flow and head requirements of the application. The impeller blades are designed to generate a high pressure and also a high efficiency over the entire flow range. The fluid flows through inlet and discharge openings in the volute and between the vanes of the impeller. During operation, the rotating impeller creates a pressure increase with each consecutive stage. This type of design is well-suited for meeting various industrial and commercial requirements. AA 20 can handle a wide range of fluids including clean water, seawater, and brackish water. All materials used for the construction of the pump are selected and tested in order to ensure high compatibility with a wide range of aggressive and corrosive fluids. The pump is provided with mechanical seals that guarantee complete leakage prevention and efficiency. The pump can operate with a continuous supply of fluid and does not require regular priming to maintain its capacity. EBARA AA20 is equipped with a robust motor that offers smooth operations and long service life. This motor is designed to operate at 50 Hz and is equipped with a manual thermal overload protection device for added safety. The pump also features an external shaft sleeve that provides the necessary lubrication between the impeller and the stator. EBARA AA 20 is a highly reliable pump that is suitable for many industrial and commercial applications due to its excellent performance and robust design. Its long-running capabilities make it a perfect fit for commercial and industrial applications that require reliable and high-performing pumping solutions.
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