Used EBARA AA200W #179347 for sale

ID: 179347
EBARA AA200W is a premium quality pump designed for industrial and commercial applications. This efficient, high-performance pump is suitable for a wide range of pumping applications including water treatment facilities, sewage treatment systems, and more. AA200W is designed to provide safe, reliable and energy-efficient operation in all types of applications. EBARA AA200W features a heavy-duty cast iron volute construction, which provides superior strength and durability, and a fully enclosed impeller system that improves pumping efficiency. The volute also prevents cavitation, turbulence, and erosion of the impeller, ensures even flow distribution, and provides long service life. The maximum flow rate of this pump is 200gpm, with a maximum head of 29 feet. In addition, AA200W also features a built-in mechanical seal designed to eliminate potential water leakage and corrosion. EBARA AA200W is powered by an electric motor, which is an ideal option for applications that require efficient and constant performance. This pump is equipped with a thermal overload device which protects the motor from intense workloads and automatically shuts off when the pre-set temperature level is exceeded. This pump also includes advanced permanent magnet technology for more reliable operation. AA200W requires minimal maintenance with easy-to-clean surfaces that help protect it from corrosion and wear. This pump also comes with an inclusive User's Guide and a Five Year Limited Warranty for added protection. This pump is designed to meet the strictest standards and is UL and CSA certified, making it the perfect choice for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Overall, EBARA AA200W is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications that require reliable, safe, and energy-efficient pumping performance. Its superior design, robust construction, and built-in features provide superior performance, long service life, and peace of mind.
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