Used EBARA AA200W #9068114 for sale

ID: 9068114
Pumps, 208V.
EBARA AA200W is a centrifugal vertical pump designed for fluid transfer applications in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential settings. The pump is equipped with a heavy duty motor and impeller to ensure efficient operation and high water flow rates. It features a stainless steel volute, shaft and impeller for reliable performance and corrosion resistance. The motor is thermally protected and provides overheat protection to ensure safe and correct operation. AA200W features internal automatic priming functions and a standard start/stop switch. The pump can be operated in manual or automatic mode for greater flexibility, and the discharge is easily accessible and removable for convenient maintenance. The motor is also equipped with a capacitor start and thermal protection system, which provides protection from thermal overload in the event of a power failure or blockage in the system. The pump is designed to be compact and easy to install in almost any location. The volute and motor are housed in a sturdy cast iron body, and the pump base is designed to be heavy-duty and reliable. The pump comes with an easy-to-install inline check valve, which provides backflow prevention and helps protect the pump against overpressure. EBARA AA200W is designed with a built-in backflow preventer and a venturi nozzle. This nozzle creates a smooth flow of water and ensures optimal performance. The pump also features a self-cleaning finned impeller for efficient operation and maximum clogging protection. AA200W is an efficient, reliable and durable centrifugal vertical pump for water transfer applications. Its robust construction and reliable components ensure reliable operation and long service life, while its streamlined design makes it easy to install and maintain. It offers a great combination of performance and affordability that make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.
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