Used EBARA AA20H #146822 for sale

ID: 146822
Dry pumps.
EBARA AA20H is a high-efficiency end-suction pumps that is versatile and easy to operate for a variety of applications. It is a robust, reliable, and cost-effective choice for a variety of pumping needs. This pump is made to last, with a corrosion-resistant construction and stainless-steel body. AA20H pump is designed for efficient operation, with an excellent combination of hydraulics and performance. It features a high-efficiency impeller, which enables maximum flow rates and improved pump efficiency. The cast iron impeller and wear plate also provide superior wear resistance for long-lasting performance. The motor is also equipped with a thermal overload protection switch that enhances safety and reliability. The pump can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as potable water, wastewater and liquid transfer. It is designed to be reliable and efficient, with low friction losses. It features a simple, single-cell construction so that it can be serviced easily and cost-effectively. The pump can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It is suitable for operating temperatures between 0° and 35°C, and can handle pressures up to 20 bar. It also features a broad voltage range (220-240V), making it suitable for use in different countries. The pump is easy to install and operate. It features a large internal volume, making it easy to maintain and service. It also comes with a wide variety of accessories and options, such as pressure regulators, valves, and suction screens. All the accessories make it easy to customise the pump for your unique application. Overall, EBARA AA20H is a reliable and cost-effective pump for a variety of applications. Its robust construction ensures a long-lasting life and low maintenance costs. Coupled with its versatility and simple design, this pump is a great choice for any home, business, or industrial application.
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