Used EBARA AA20N #9068115 for sale

ID: 9068115
Pumps, 208V.
EBARA AA20N (Magdrive) pump is a high-quality stainless steel magnetic drive centrifugal pump designed for applications requiring greater efficiency and reliability. AA20N is designed to handle a wide range of fluids including chemicals, corrosives, water, acidic solutions, and more. It provides a steady flow with a high-performance motor that is both energy-efficient and safe for many applications. This pump also features a double seal design for greater safety during operation. EBARA AA20N has a stainless steel body and is corrosion-resistant for long lasting performance. It offers reliable performance and designed for continuous duty along with low noise, vibration, and minimal maintenance required. It has an inbuilt motor protection and a thermal overload function that make it a safe and reliable pumping solution for a wide range of applications. AA20N is capable of handling up to 205 liters per hour at 20 meters of head pressure. It features a maximum operating temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. The pump inlet pressure is up to one bar, while the outlet pressure is up to two bars with a maximum pressure of four bars. Take a look at the sizes available: EBARA AA20N is available in three sizes: 3/4 inch, 1 inch, and 1-1/4 inch with flange configurable connections.The three sizes are capable of handling up to 49m3/h, with a maximum head of 40m. AA20N magnetic drive pump is ideal for many applications such as irrigation, chemical dosing, cooling and heating systems, aquariums, water treatment plants and more. It has an efficient design that requires minimal maintenance resulting in less downtime. It comes with a long life motor designed to make it an economical choice that will last. In conclusion, EBARA AA20N pump is reliable, robust, and easy to install providing years of efficient and reliable performance.
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