Used EBARA AA30 #9092123 for sale

ID: 9092123
Dry pump.
EBARA AA30 is a compact and reliable pump that is best suited for general purpose water transfer or circulation applications. It is designed to provide high flow rates at very low head levels resulting in improved efficiency. EBARA AA 30 is equipped with a semi-open, non-clog impeller that is designed to deliver high flow rates and cut down on the mechanical stresses being placed on the pump internals. This helps to extend the service life of the pump. The pump is equipped with a cast iron discharge housing which provides a durable construction that can easily withstand tough weather conditions and vibrations. The pump is also equipped with a stainless steel shaft and a mechanical seal which both provide increased wear resistance. Furthermore, the pump is highly corrosion resistant due to its stainless steel components which helps to extend the service life of the unit. AA30 has a maximum flow rate of up to 20.2 GPM (77.1 LPM) and can operate up to a maximum head of 20 feet (6 m). This makes it suitable for a variety of applications such as water transfer and circulation, general purpose industrial water supply, and a range of low head centrifugal water applications such as small-scale irrigation. AA 30 requires minimal maintenance and only requires lubrication of its motor bearings every 6-8 hours of operation. The pump is equipped with an O-ring seal to protect the impeller from harmful debris and a built-in thermal protector to provide additional safety. All in all, EBARA AA30 pump is an ideal choice for medium to low head applications. It provides reliable performance and requires minimal maintenance to stay in optimal working condition. The unit also has a durable construction which makes it suitable for tough environments and ensures the pump lasts longer.
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