Used EBARA AA300/AA400 #174157 for sale

ID: 174157
EBARA AA300/AA400 series is a high-performance, run-dry aqueous pumping equipment suitable for high-pressure, high-temperature applications. This pump is designed to meet the tight needs of industrial cutting, chemical processing, and other demanding tasks. Its robust design and durable construction ensures it is able to handle harsh chemicals, highly corrosive liquids and elevated temperatures. EBARA AA300/AA400 series pump is driven by a three-phase electric motor. Its stainless steel construction and dry-run technology provide superior protection against corrosion, wear and tear. The pump incorporates an efficient double-mechanism design, ensuring an even flow rate and reducing the occurrence of cavitation. It also features an adjustable oil bath system which increases efficiency and ensure superior performance. The pump's performance value for different liquid types and temperatures is as follows: for water, the pump can reach flow rates of up to 200 liters/min, for light hydrocarbons the flow rate is 120 liters/min and for light chemicals the flow rate can reach 150 liters/min. The pressure rating of the pump is 18 Bar and its maximum temperature rating is 100°C. To ensure safe and reliable operation of the pump, it has several safety mechanisms, including an overload protection device, temperature monitoring sensor and automatically adjustable oil bath unit. These components provide protection against excessive pressure, over-temperature and over-load situations. The pump also includes a built-in control machine which provides digital display and control of the motor speed, pump pressure and other tool parameters. This allows for easy and accurate pressure control and speed adjustments. EBARA AA300/AA400 series pump is an ideal solution for various industrial, chemical and high-temperature applications. It is designed to be reliable, efficient and offer superior performance. With its robust design and multiple safety mechanisms, it is sure to be a reliable and dependable choice.
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