Used EBARA AA30V1 #179345 for sale

ID: 179345
EBARA AA30V1 is a centrifugal pump designed to provide both cost-effective and efficient pump solutions. The pump is designed for continuous operation in both commercial and industrial water-handling environments. The pump features an open impeller design with an adjustable pitch, allowing for greater pump flow and a broad range of operating capacities. The construction materials featured in the pump are durable and versatile, and include various grades of reinforced thermoplastics and cast iron. These materials provide the pump with superior chemical resistance and high-pressure tolerances. The mechanical seal is a cartridge type with a two-seat design for superior reliability and long life spans. This design provides an improved operating efficiency and wear resistance. By properly lubricating the motor, AA30V1 pump is capable of operating at a maximum of 220 psi. The motor is an asynchronous three-phase type, with a high-efficiency NEMA 56C thermally protected body with class F insulation. It features a 4-pole design which offers a range of speeds that can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of needs. This motor offers quiet operation, with low vibration and noise levels. EBARA AA30V1 pump also has a robust and reliable DC motor, with a heavy-duty 2-pole design. This motor is designed to run up to 11,000 hours without major problems and features a thermal protection equipment with a low voltage counter. For improved safety, AA30V1 pump features a non-return valve with a pressure compensation system which helps make sure that a user sees the proper flow rate throughout the unit. Additionally, the pump is equipped with an overload protection machine, which helps protect it from overloading conditions. The casing design of EBARA AA30V1 allows for easy servicing and maintenance in order to ensure maximum efficiency and dependability. The pump is offered with a one year warranty and is extremely reliable. With its robust design and proven performance, AA30V1 pump is an ideal choice for those looking for a cost-effective and reliable pump solution.
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