Used EBARA AA30W #9092125 for sale

ID: 9092125
Dry pump.
EBARA AA30W is a powerful, efficient, and versatile submersible pump designed for a variety of industrial and residential applications. This pump is built to last, and features a durable construction and quality components to ensure reliable service and minimal maintenance. AA30W has a maximum pump capacity of up to three cubic meters per hour and a maximum head of up to 16 meters. The pump features an efficient and reliable water-cooled three-phase induction motor that is designed for continuous duty. The motor is fully enclosed and has a closed IP-68 protection rating, which allows for safe and effective operation even in wet environment. Additionally, the winding insulation is optimized to protect against high-temperature operation, while extended dual-bearing life ensures greater durability and longer lifespan of the pump. EBARA AA30W comes with an automatic float switch, which is designed to detect changes in the water level and activate or shut off the pump dependent upon these changes. For added convenience and safety, the pump also offers adjustable suction and maximum discharge heads. The adjustable suction head is designed to prevent the pump from being damaged due to dry-running, while the adjustable maximum discharge head allows users to customize the pump based on their needs. AA30W also features easy installation thanks to its lightweight constriction and compact size. The pump comes equipped with flexible connection pipes, which enable easy installation into existing piping systems. Additionally, the pump comes with a stainless steel impeller, which allows for reliable and consistent performance, and is suitable for use in both clean and dirty water. Overall, EBARA AA30W is an ideal choice for a variety of residential and commercial applications including water transfer and drainage, and offers efficient, powerful performance in a compact, easy to install package. Featuring quality construction and reliable operation, this pump is sure to be a trusted addition to any industrial or residential setup.
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