Used EBARA AA400BP #179348 for sale

ID: 179348
EBARA AA400AP pumped is a water circulation pump that is powered by a single-phase motor and designed to be used in a variety of home and commercial applications. The pump itself is a centrifugal model, which means that it produces a centrifugal force when it operates that propels the fluid being pumped away from the body of the pump. EBARA AA400AP features a stainless steel construction that is highly durable and thus able to withstand the wear and tear that is common in residential, industrial, or commercial applications. The pump has a maximum of 404 liters per minute of flow rate and is able to generate a maximum head pressure of up to eight feet. Thanks to its single-phase motor, the pump can be powered by a standard 115 or 240 volt power supply and requires a minimum of 4.5 amps to operate. EBARA AA400AP is capable of handling a variety of fluid types, including clear water, seawater, and cooling tower waters. The pump also has a sand-impeller design, which increases its efficiency and reliability while reducing the risk of clogging or mechanical damage. The pump is also rated to work within a temperature range of -10°C to +105°C and can handle up to 400 GPM. The motor on EBARA AA400AP has a maximum working pressure of 25 Bar and is sealed to ensure tight connections to ensure top-grade performance. The pump has an in-built thermal protection system that prevents it from overheating, and it also features a self-priming feature that ensures that the pump will start up quickly and reliably even from a reduced start/stop cycle. In terms of installation, EBARA AA400AP has a flow direction indication arrow on its body, allowing for an easier orientation of the pump. Additionally, the pump can easily be mounted on vertical or horizontal surfaces, making it a highly versatile choice for a wide range of applications. The pump is also CE marked, which guarantees its quality and complies with international safety and performance standards.
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