Used EBARA AA40W #179346 for sale

ID: 179346
Dry pump.
EBARA AA40W is a compact and reliable end suction centrifugal pump specifically designed to meet a wide variety of pumping needs. It is capable of working with clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids, such as sea water and fresh water, in temperatures of up to 40°C. It provides high quality results with precise pump head, discharge pressure and flow as well as low noise and vibration levels. This pump is also highly reliable and cost efficient due to its construction with advanced materials and technologies. EBARA AA 40 W pump is designed with a single-stage, end suction centrifugal pump which means that fluid intake is located at the pump's suction port while the discharge port is located at the rear side. It has a single external rotating element, the impeller, which is connected directly to the motor shaft and is paired with a diffuser type volute for enhanced flow performance. The impeller is made from stainless steel for maximum durability and is also equipped with an easily adjustable wear-resistant cover for optimal performance and less maintenance. AA40W pump is equipped with a mechanical seal designed to prevent liquid leakage and provide additional protection against contamination. It is connected to the hydraulic part of the pump, which is made up of a ready-to-use strainer and a heavy-duty stainless steel body and casing with a temperature control feature. It features a double sealing system between the motor and the pump housing for optimum efficiency and protection against dust and dirt. The pump is driven by an asynchronous motor that is equipped with low energy consumption and protection. The motor delivers a power output of up to 3HP and speed of up to 2800m3/h. Its internal components are made of quality materials for maximum durability and performance. The motor is fitted with an overload protection system to protect against impending motor damages due to heavy loads. AA 40 W can be easily installed in horizontal or vertical positions and comes with a wide range of accessories such as a mounting cartridge, lead wires and fittings. The pump can also be used in a variety of applications including pressure boosting, water transportation, irrigation and circulation systems.
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