Used EBARA AA40W #9092127 for sale

ID: 9092127
Dry pumps.
EBARA AA40W is a reliable and powerful submersible pump equipment designed for commercial and industrial applications. It features a simple and compact construction, with a small footprint and a highly efficient motor, making it easy to maneuver and install in tight areas. EBARA AA 40 W pump is powered by a reliable, corrosion-resistant and high-performance electric motor rated at 4KW. It features a built-in thermal overload protection, providing additional reliability to safeguard against system damage due to an extended overloading. The motor is constructed for continuous operation, even in difficult working conditions such as non-stop operation or operation at high ambient temperatures. AA40W pump is designed for a wide range of liquid transfer applications. It has a maximum flow rate of 660 liters per minute (LPM), and a maximum head of 40 meters (m). It is suitable for pumping liquids such as wastewater, coolant, light oils and other non-hazardous liquids. The pump body and impeller are constructed from high grade nitrided cast iron, providing superior corrosion resistance and durability. The device is also equipped with a durable stainless steel wear-plate, which reduces is designed to reduce abrasion to internal components and ensure extended operating life. This pump unit features a two-pole motor designed to offer higher efficiency than traditional three-pole models. AA 40 W pump is also suitable for direct buried installation, with a corrosion-resistant body and a convenient control panel. The pump is also equipped with a built-in automatic start/stop control machine, allowing for easy control and monitoring of the tool without the need for external wiring or controllers. In addition, EBARA AA40W is virtually maintenance-free and requires minimal servicing to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency. The device is covered with a two-year warranty for manufacturing defects, and is designed to meet all relevant safety standards.
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