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ID: 161758
Dry pumps.
EBARA AA40WN is a centrifugal pump designed for a wide range of applications. It has a volute type casing with a single stage impeller. The construction of this pump is constituted of stainless steel and cast iron. EBARA AA 40 WN has the capability to handle a maximum capacity of 16 m³/h whilst providing a maximum head of 37.6 m. This pump is ideally used for clean water and other compatible liquids free of solids and abrasive particles. In order to perform optimally, AA40WN pump requires a minimum suction head of 0.2 m at its operating temperature. Its highest temperature is 90°C and its maximum pressure should not exceed 10 bar. Furthermore, the net inlet weight should not exceed 0.8 kN/m2. This pump can work in applications with a total suction lift of up to 7 m. The motor driving AA 40 WN pump operates with a voltage range of 220 V-240 V at 50 Hz and with a power input of 0.37 kW. The rotation speed of this pump is at a low 2800 rpm, which ensures low energy consumption and reduced leakages. It also comes with a manual thermal overload protection that prevents it from overheating and damage. The suppliers of EBARA AA40WN also offer different materials and shapes for the units, as per customer needs. EBARA AA 40 WN centrifugal pump is suitable for horizontal or vertical installation, meaning it can fit into a variety of different pipelines. In general, AA40WN centrifugal pump provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for different applications and demands. It is easy to install, maintain and operate, and it can transport large volumes of liquids efficiently over long distances.
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