Used EBARA AA70W-H #146825 for sale

ID: 146825
Dry pumps.
EBARA AA70W-H is a centrifugal pump designed for a wide range of industrial process and pumping needs. Its robust stainless steel construction makes it an ideal choice for harsh industrial environments, while its highly-efficient design delivers high performance with minimal energy usage. AA70W-H features a heavy-duty premium motor and a sealed bearing casing, ensuring it will remain reliable and effective for years to come. The impeller of EBARA AA70W-H is constructed of glass-filled engineering thermoplastics to provide good volumetric efficiency and multistage performance while operating at high speeds. The volute casing is also made of glass-filled engineering thermoplastic, which provides greater strength and resilience compared to cast iron. The shaft is made from stainless steel, providing high resistance from corrosive wear and tear. The pump design also incorporates a enhanced wear liner system for extended life, as well as a removable casing for easy maintenance and repairs. The pump also comes with a three-phase electrical motor providing adjustable speed control and the option to run on an inverter. AA70W-H also features multiple ports for connections to the main power supply, auxiliary power supply and pipe system. The pump is designed for corrosion resistance and can be found in both clean water and even heavy duty chemical applications. EBARA AA70W-H has also been tested to withstand up to 200 psi of pressure, making it suitable for extremely demanding processes. AA70W-H is also rated for continuous operation, making it a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective choice for your industrial pumping needs.
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