Used EBARA AA70W #163856 for sale

ID: 163856
Dry vacuum pump.
EBARA AA70W is a robust and reliable submersible pump specifically designed for industrial and residential applications. It is made with a stainless steel casing to make it strong and durable, and is suitable for use in brackish, fresh, and seawater. This high-quality product is designed to reduce energy costs and is designed for long-term use in a variety of environments. The motor of EBARA AA 70 W is built with a maximum power requirement of 0.37kW, while the maximum head at maximum capacity is 70m. The pump also features a maximum flow rate of 7 m3/hour, and a maximum working temperature of 40°C. This strong and reliable product is reliable, efficient, and economical. The pump has a stainless steel impeller, which provides strength and durability while also minimizing cavitation. This eliminates the need for costly wear plates or anti-cavitation valves. The design of this pump also features a unique vortex type impeller to improve efficiency and reduce clogging. AA70W is designed to be installed below the water surface and can be used submerged or dry. This makes it suitable for a variety of applications including cooling systems, drainage, irrigation, fountains, and effluent treatments, among others. Installation is easy as all components such as the stator, motor, and connection cable can be connected outside the water. AA 70 W has a dual motor structure and a centrifugal force, which provides a more reliable operation. It also features an IPX5 degree of water protection to guard against water damage, which makes the pump exceptionally durable for a robust and reliable operation. This pump also features insulation of class F, which ensures higher efficiency and lower electricity consumption. Other features of EBARA AA70W include auto shut-off, pressure switch protection, and a built-in thermal protector. The pump also features a pressure release valve, which can be utilized in the event of a pressure overload. With all these great features, EBARA AA 70 W is a perfect choice for a variety of applications and can provide years of reliable service.
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