Used EBARA AA70WN #161756 for sale

ID: 161756
Dry pumps.
EBARA AA70WN pump is an efficient and reliable sump pump for water pump applications. The pump is equipped with a 1 HP single phase motor which is capable of producing up to 65 GPM of water delivery at a maximum head of 180 feet. This makes it perfect for both residential and small commercial applications. The pump's body is constructed from a thermally welded and non-metallic cast iron which is strong and corrosion resistant. The motor is also protected with a thermal overload protection device which prevents the motor from overheating and helps extend the life of the pump. The pump also features an oil-filled motor which is designed to provide years of dependable operation and a long service life. The motor also features double ball bearings which reduce friction and improve performance and lead to a quieter operation. EBARA AA 70 WN pump is capable of operating in temperatures from 32F to 104F and has an integrated thermal protection feature which helps protect the pump from being damaged by extreme temperatures. The pump also has an integrated check valve which prevents the pump from reverse flowing and provides the user with better control over the performance and efficiency of the equipment. The check valve also helps to protect the motor by reducing turbulence and pressure shocks in the system. The pump's motor is designed with a dynamically balanced impeller which is designed to avoid vibration, reduce noise, and increase efficiency. The stainless steel shaft is also designed to reduce wear and tear on the motor and promote longer service life. AA70WN pump is easy to install and maintain. It is equipped with an oil-filled seal and bearing unit which helps protect the pump from contamination and prevents premature failure. The seal and bearing machine can be easily inspected and replaced periodically to ensure proper functioning and maintenance. AA 70 WN pump is a reliable and efficient choice for both residential and small commercial water pump applications. It features a robust construction, a powerful motor, and integrated features which help to maximize performance, minimize noise, and extend the service life of the pump. It is also easy to install and maintain, making it a great choice for any home or business.
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