Used EBARA AA70WN #9066807 for sale

ID: 9066807
Dry pump.
EBARA AA70WN is a centrifugal pump featuring a stainless steel motor case and impeller. This pump is designed for various applications and is especially suitable for pumps operating in commercial and industrial settings. EBARA AA 70 WN is known for its high-efficiency, low-noise operation and long-term reliability. This pump features an axial-flow impeller design, which gives it a large capacity for pumping a wide range of liquids, from water, oils and chemicals. The precise machining of the impeller ensures a smooth, quiet operation and reliable performance. The hardened stainless steel motor case and impeller are built to withstand the harshest of environments. Additionally, AA70WN features an innovative design to reduce friction and maximize efficiency through a single-stage design. The pump also has a convenient, front-mounted control panel with integrated, adjustable speed control, and features a temperature and pressure sensor on the motor assembly to help monitor the pump's performance. The motor is encapsulated in a thermoplastic enclosure and can be mounted horizontally or vertically with the help of mounting feet and/or clamps. The motor of AA 70 WN is powered by a single-2 or three-phase electric motor and requires between 1/2 HP and 3 HP operating power. The maximum flow can reach up to 188 GPM, with a maximum pressure of 250 PSI. Furthermore, EBARA AA70WN has a maximum temperature range of up to 210F, making it suitable for most residential and commercial applications. Overall, EBARA AA 70 WN is a well-engineered, reliable and efficient pump, designed to deliver a long-term performance and superior pumping capacity. With its robust design, this pump can provide an efficient and reliable service for many years to come.
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