Used EBARA AAS100WN #163859 for sale

ID: 163859
Dry vacuum pumps.
EBARA AAS100WN submersible electric pump is a highly efficient product designed to meet the various pumping needs of the water industry. This durable pump features a multi-channel impeller designed to maximise water flow, reduce head loss, and provide improved overall performance. The pump is powered by a 3-hp motor and features 1-inch inlet and outlet connections which makes it suitable for larger water pumping applications. The motor is designed to be low noise and energy efficient, resulting in an operating noise level of approximately 55dB. The construction of the pump is made from tough, yet lightweight, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The pump is also designed for easy installation and servicing, with a built-in monitor and control capability. EBARA AA-S100 WN pump is capable of generating up to 25.9 gallons per minute, and has a maximum head of 115.3 feet. The pump also has an adjustable water pressure of up to 70 psi, and can handle a maximum pump depth of approximately 22.9ft and a type II safety shut off feature. The pump has an IP55 rating and features a cast iron motor housing and means it is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, humidity and dirt. The motor also has a built-in thermal overload protection to prevent motor burnout. With its brass shaft, alloy impeller and stainless steel wear plate, AAS 100 WN is designed to last even in the most challenging applications. AA-S100 WN is an outstanding choice for quality and effective water pumping. With its durable design, efficient performance, and easy installation and servicing, it is an excellent choice for high-volume water pumping operations. Its adjustable pressure makes it suitable for a range of applications and its built-in protection features mean it is reliable, safe and secure.
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