Used EBARA AAS200WN #172435 for sale

ID: 172435
EBARA AAS200WN is a single stage pump that is suitable for a wide range of applications. It features stainless steel construction, 316 SS mechanical seal, high efficiency and performance, and is designed for installation in vertical/horizontal pipes using a central flange. This pump is widely used in industrial and commercial settings for pumping liquids and gases, including water, chemicals, acids, and oil. EBARA AAS 200 WN is designed to be highly reliable and efficient, making it ideal for pumping heavy loads. It has a robust construction, using stainless steel for the casing, impeller, and other wetted parts for durability and corrosion resistance. The suction and discharge flanges are sized to match standard piping sizes, making it easy to install in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The pump includes a precisely engineered mechanical seal to reduce wear and minimize the chances of leakage. The impeller is also optimized to produce maximum output while maintaining its performance over time. This pump can handle a variety of different liquids and gases, at up to 196 feet of head, and can achieve efficient operation at speeds of up to 3600 RPM. Along with its reliable performance and efficiency, AAS200WN is also designed to be easy to maintain and service. A separate lubrication compartment allows easy access to the pump components for periodic inspection and maintenance. This pump also comes with a range of accessories for further customization, such as an optional suction filter to reduce the chances of debris or other elements entering the pump. Take into account that AAS 200 WN is a single stage pump, meaning it can handle only a limited number of pressure cycles in one go. It is also a dry running pump, meaning it will require lubrication if it runs too hot or is used in high pressure applications. With proper maintenance, however, this pump can offer reliable and efficient performance for many years.
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