Used EBARA AAS70WN #163862 for sale

ID: 163862
Dry vacuum pumps.
EBARA AAS70WN is an efficient, high-performance inline circulator pump designed to handle a variety of demanding applications. This pump is primarily used in residential and commercial systems, such as hot water circulation, hydronic heating and cooling systems, process systems, and cooling and heating coil circulating. It is also used in general water circulation and transfer applications. When it comes to reliable performance, EBARA AAS 70 WN is at the top of its class. This powerful pump runs at speeds of up to 3450 RPM, offering impressive flow rates of up to 70 litres per minute (max) and pressures of up to 10 bar (max). AAS70WN also boasts its high efficiency with a power rating of only 0.37kW (max). This makes it an energy-saving circulator pump, meeting all current energy-efficiency criteria. AAS 70 WN circulator pump has an enclosed motor design, meaning the motor housing is sealed and pressurized with a mixture of air and water. This helps to reduce noise levels, which makes the pump suitable for on-location applications. Additionally, it's equipped with suction and delivery nozzles for easy installation in various pipework orientations. EBARA AAS70WN has a robust, robust composite body construction and is built with corrosion-resistant materials, making it resistant to the most demanding of environmental conditions. It is also outfitted with a spring-loaded motor shaft which allows the pump to be used in vertical and flat installations, keeping the pump running even when it is used in unstable operating positions. When it comes to convenience and low maintenance, EBARA AAS 70 WN has it all. It is self-venting and is designed with non-return valves on both the suction and discharge connections. It also features an integration-ready external connector for dry-running protection. AAS70WN is fitted with carbon-ceramic mechanical seals, and the sturdy graphite impeller and volute guarantees long lasting performance. In conclusion, AAS 70 WN is an ideal inline circulator pump for applications that require a reliable, high-performing and energy saving pump. Its durable construction allows for long-term use, and its efficiency-boosting features make it stand out from the competition.
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