Used EBARA AAS70WN #9072902 for sale

ID: 9072902
Dry pumps.
EBARA AAS70WN is a submersible wastewater pump designed for use in various industries. It features a heavy-duty construction and is a reliable solution to many sewage, sump and sump effluent pumping needs. The pump can be used to transport wastewater from a variety of sources such as sewage treatment plants, basins, tanks, and pressure sewers. EBARA AAS 70 WN consists of an enclosed dual dual-shaft, centrifugal design with an dual-piston seal arrangement for efficient operation. The pump has a powered submersible motor that is specifically designed to withstand severe operating conditions. Its motor will operate in waters up to depths of 197 feet and temperatures ranging from 40-145°F. This pump will reliably deliver flows up to 171 GPM and heads up to 111 feet. It is also equipped with a maximum pressure of 24 PSI, ensuring that it can handle heavy-duty conditions. AAS70WN is capable of providing an incredibly efficient operation. It is equipped with an efficient impeller design and seal arrangement which minimizes the required energy and reduces energy cost. This pump also offers an incredibly quiet operation, making it suitable for installations in densely populated residential areas. Furthermore, the pump is equipped with a built-in thermal protection device that will prevent the motor from overheating and a light-weight non-corrosive construction for longer service life and durability. With its eco-friendly design, AAS 70 WN pump ensures reliable and stable performance. It has a hardened stainless steel construction for corrosion and abrasion resistance, and features an overflow process to reduce the risk of water accumulation. In addition, this pump also includes a user-friendly mechanical seal that is maintenance-free and secure. Overall, EBARA AAS70WN is a reliable and efficient pump, perfect for a variety of wastewater and sump effluent purposes. With its durable construction, advanced design, and ease of use, this pump offers a cost-effective solution to many wastewater and sump effluent issues.
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