Used EBARA CDXHS 70/106 #175677 for sale

CDXHS 70/106
ID: 175677
Pump P/N 1610050016.
EBARA CDXHS 70/106 pump is an efficient and reliable centrifugal pumpset from the CDX range, available from EBARA. This pump is engineered with wear resistant materials, making it a robust and long-lasting product. The CDXHS 70/106 is suitable for a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications, where the pump is required to deliver high flow rates and pressure. The designs of the CDXHS 70/106 were developed to minimize the cost of ownership and minimize maintenance requirements, making this pump a great choice for a wide variety of applications. The pump body of the CDXHS 70/106 is made of expansive cast iron and cast steel and manufactured according to exact tolerances to ensure strength and elasticity. This pump offers the unique combination of high flow rates, high pressures and efficiency. Its vertical construction also minimizes turbulence and helps to keep pump cavitation to a minimum. The pump is fitted with a special corrosion-resistant material for increased protection against corrosion, and an oxygen-free copper double threaded shaft for maximum endurance and performance. The CDXHS 70/106 offers a range of ported and thread-mounted configurations to fit various applications, from the most common standard 3-phase outlet ports to the special 3-phase threaded inlet/outlet ports. The high-efficiency built-in motor is designed for extended life and low energy consumption. It is supplied as standard with a power lead and plug or as optional with other voltage options, including single-phase, three-phase and 240V. The CDXHS 70/106 is available with an integrated thermal overload protection and a double mechanical seal system to protect against premature wear. The unique design of the centrifugal impeller ensures a maximized deliverable flow rate with an optimal balance between efficiency and head. The pump is also fitted with a unique "Y" type strainer which prevents clogging of the pump suction inlet, providing a long lasting and dependable performance even in difficult applications. The CDXHS 70/106 pump is designed to meet the exacting demands of cost-effective operation, high-efficiency performance, reliability and low maintenance costs. This makes it ideal for a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. It is easy to install and maintain, and perfect for heavy-duty duties over a long period of time.
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