Used EBARA ESA25 #179355 for sale

ID: 179355
Dry pump.
EBARA ESA25 is an end suction centrifugal pump, designed to offer a cost-effective solution for industrial and commercial applications. Constructed from high-grade materials, such as stainless steel, ESA25 can handle liquids with temperatures up to 80°C and pressures up to 16 bar. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of operations, such as irrigation, fire fighting, and cooling water systems. EBARA ESA25 uses a single-stage impeller to create a centrifugal motion, allowing it to move large volumes of liquids quickly and reliably. Designed for maximum efficiency, its compact design minimizes losses due to wall friction, allowing it to convert more energy and ensuring low running costs. The pump also has a range of safety features and functions to give users peace of mind. This includes a built-in thermal overload protection device, which shuts the motor down if the winding temperature rises too high. It also has an anti-condensation valve, which prevents condensation and corrosion due to moist air when the pump isn't operating. ESA25 is easy to maintain and install, allowing users to keep their pump running optimally without needing to call professional technicians. For example, the motor and impeller are easily accessible, allowing easy access for routine maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, all incoming and outgoing connections are standardised, making it easy to install the pump in new or existing operational systems. Overall, EBARA ESA25 is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective end suction centrifugal pump, perfect for those looking for a pump ideal for operation in a variety of settings. It has a range of safety features and functions, as well as easy maintenance and installation, giving users peace of mind for its operations.
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