Used EBARA ESA500W #179360 for sale

ID: 179360
Dry pump.
EBARA ESA500W is a single phase, submersible sewage pump with a maximum flow rate of 13 m3/h and a maximum head of 30 m. It is designed to be used in both domestic and commercial applications where efficient and reliable sewage pumping is required. The pump is constructed with a stainless steel motor housing and is finished with a wear resistant composite material to provide excellent corrosion resistance. The pump shaft is manufactured from a strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel for maximum durability and protection. The pump impeller is composed of a precision-machined semi-open, non-clog design with revolving multi-vane blades that ensure maximum efficiency. This design is suitable for handling large particles with ease, and is ideal for use with wastewater and sewage. The motor is hermetically sealed, making the pump virtually maintenance free. The pump also features a thermal overload protection system for increased efficiency and safety. ESA500W can be installed in a sump, tank, or any other type of container, in a nesting or free standing configuration. The pump can be connected to either 110V or 220V power and can be easily integrated into existing piping systems. The motor is also easy to handle due to its lightweight construction. In addition to its robust design, the pump also features a thermal overload protection system as well as a mechanical seal to ensure maximum reliability and safety. The motor is self-venting and comes with a three-wire cable for easy installation. The pump also has a built-in backflow valve, making it suitable for use in applications where backflow is possible. Overall, EBARA ESA500W pump is an excellent choice for sewage and wastewater moving applications. It is built with quality materials, features an efficient and reliable design, and is easy to install and maintain. The built-in thermal overload protection and mechanical seal ensure maximum safety and reliability during operation, making it an excellent choice for any sewage or wastewater pumping environment.
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