Used EBARA ESA70W #9064946 for sale

ID: 9064946
Dry pumps.
EBARA ESA70W is a single stage, macerator pump designed for low-pressure, high-flow pumping applications. This pump is ideal for a wide range of applications, including sewage and waste water pumping, light industrial processes, and other similar low-pressure and high-flow applications. EBARA macerator pump combines the usability of a low-pressure pump with the additional capability of thorough waste material maceration, making it highly efficient and reliable. ESA70W is fueled by an efficient 1x4HP motor, providing power to the single-stage impeller that accelerates the impeller rotation speed and accelerates the flow of liquid. This pump features a durable brass construction, with a thermoplastic pump body. A stainless steel bracket is included for mounting, and it has an attached 1.5" power cable which allows for better maneuverability. This macerator pump has a maximum flow rate of 0.37m~~3/min, with a maximum total head of 8.2m and a maximum suction head of 2.0m. This pump offers a wide range of flow control as it features a pressure switch with adjustable cut-in and cut-out pressures, and a pot-shaped pressure gauge for easy monitoring. With its wide range of flow settings, this pump is ideal for various water pumping applications. EBARA ESA70W Macerator Pump is highly reliable and efficient due to features such as soft start, overload protection, dry run protection, and thermal overheating protection. This pump is easy to maintain and service, with an easy access inspection port allowing for easy cleaning or maintenance of the pump body. Overall, ESA70W Macerator Pump is designed to be an efficient, reliable, and low-maintenance macerator pump with an efficient motor underlying the single-stage impeller. Its durable construction, adjustable flow control, and wide range of protections make it ideal for a wide range of low-pressure and high-flow applications.
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