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ESR 200N
ID: 9066808
Dry pump.
EBARA ESR 200N is a type of centrifugal pump that is designed for use in various plumping applications. This pump model features a corrosion-resistant construction, which allows it to be used in corrosive environments like chlorine pools and spas. The pump is also designed to provide extremely efficient performance, with a flow rate of up to 625.5 GPM, and a total head of 210 feet. Additionally, ESR 200N features a maximum operating pressure of 50 PSI and a maximum ambient temperature of 140 degrees F, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The external components of EBARA ESR 200N feature a heavy-duty cast-iron body with a stainless steel discharge head. This construction combined with the pump's built-in back-check non-return valve ensures superior protection against high internal pressure. The pump also features an adjustable impeller that can handle a range of fluids, including low-specific gravity liquids, as well as clean or slightly contaminated water. The impeller is designed to be extremely durable, with enhanced wear resistance and increased flow efficiency. Additionally, the pump is equipped with an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) motor-side lip seal for superior protection and performance. ESR 200N is powered using a 1.5 HP high-efficiency asynchronous motor. This motor sets the pump apart from other models, as it is designed to use leading energy-saving technology. This motor utilizes low-start-up current to reduce shock on the motor, and its energy-efficient design allows for reduced power consumption and lower heat generation. For maximum convenience, EBARA ESR 200N also comes with an integrated thermal protector and double-pole reversing switch. The thermal protector is designed to protect the pump from any form of overloading, while the double-pole reversing switch ensures easy and efficient operation. ESR 200N is an ideal pump for numerous plumbing applications, as it is designed to provide maximum efficiency and performance, while requiring minimal maintenance. Its heavy-duty construction, adjustable impeller, and energy-efficient motor make it the perfect choice for residential or commercial applications.
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