Used EBARA ESR 20N #9098516 for sale

ID: 9098516
Dry pump.
EBARA ESR 20N is a centrifugal pump manufactured by EBARA, a leader in the world pump industry. This particular pump has a cast iron construction, perfect for use with fresh water, sea water, industrial fluids and other applications. Its corrosion resistant, easy to maintain and highly reliable. EBARA ESR20N has a 0.5 kW single-phase flameproof motor which gives a maximum flow rate of 4.1 m³/h (14.6 US GPM) with a total head of 26.4m (86.9ft). It has a solid iron impeller with a maximum working pressure of 12.2 bar (175psi) and a high tolerance to light sand content. This pump also has wide power control, so it can be used for both low and high power applications. The pump also features an inlet/outlet port which is equipped with a transport valve used to shut the pump off when it is not in use. An overcurrent relay and built-in thermal protection device are also included for additional safety. For comfort and convenience, ESR 20N has an adjustable shaft height and easy-to-replace mechanical seals for regular maintenance, as well as an adjustable mechanical seal arrangement for more specialised applications. It also comes complete with hose adapters and gaskets, and the motor and pump can both be serviced without dismantling the entire system. Overall, ESR20N pump is a reliable, light weight and high-performance model perfect for use in water, sea-water and industrial applications. It is easy to install and has an adjustable performance to accommodate different power applications. Its features ensure optimal performance and reliability and simple maintenance requirements, making it a perfect selection for many different types of jobs.
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