Used EBARA ESR 300WN #179365 for sale

ID: 179365
EBARA ESR 300WN is an end suction centrifugal pump designed for a wide range of industrial applications. This reliable pump delivers up to 200 feet of head at flow rates up to 149 gallons per minute. This robust pump is constructed of robust cast iron components and features an EN734-2 compliant mechanical seal to ensure rapid operation and maximum efficiency. The pump is easy to install and maintain, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. ESR 300WN pump features a semi-open impeller which is designed to ensure reliable operation in applications where low-flow, low-head are required. This impeller utilizes a curved vane design to maximize efficiency and minimize friction losses. The open design also ensures top performance in pumping dirty, abrasive fluids. The pump is well-suited to a range of industrial applications including water circulation, cooling and heating systems, liquid transfer, and light industrial applications. This pump has several configurations allowing for easy installation and maintenance. All components are uniformly tight and the motor is totally encapsulated for maximum efficiency and corrosion protection. EBARA ESR 300WN can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical configuration and its small size allows it to fit into tight spaces. ESR 300WN is designed for fuel efficiency, with a low noise and vibration level for quiet operation. Its motor is designed to prevent the start-up surge and facilitate smooth, efficient operation. The user can easily adjust the settings from a distance, making it easy to use and maintain. EBARA ESR 300WN is UL listed and compatible with a range of motors and drives. Finally, ESR 300WN pump includes many features which maximize performance and reliability. The impeller is made from cast iron which improves its efficiency and reduces friction losses, while its semi-open design improves suction power. The conveniently placed maintenance port provides access to the internal components, allowing for easy maintenance and diagnostics, while the large, open casing provides greater performance and an optimized flow path. Finally, the enclosed motor keeps out foreign particles, and the seal eliminates leakage. All these features combine to make EBARA ESR 300WN a reliable, efficient pump for a wide range of industries.
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