Used EBARA ESR 30N #179364 for sale

ID: 179364
EBARA ESR 30N is a robust and reliable centrifugal pump for fluids that is suitable for various applications. It is constructed from top-grade stainless steel components to ensure durability and highest quality engineering standards. It is designed to be compact and lightweight yet capable of providing high flow performance when needed. ESR 30N is equipped with a single-stage design for pumping and has an environmentally-friendly dual seal equipment for increased protection against leakage. This system is composed of two separate O-rings around the pump housing to prevent any kind of fluid from escaping from the pump and entering the surrounding environment. This dual seal unit also allows for the pump to work even when low pressure is exerted on the machine. Furthermore, EBARA ESR 30N features an integrated pressure relief valve that protects the pump from damage due to over-pressure. This valve also allows for a gentle start as it regulates the rate at which the pump is allowed to increase its speed. As a result, the pump can operate without any vibrations or high pressure surges that could cause harm to the pump, or any of its components. ESR 30N also utilizes a direct-drive design, which eliminates the need for any external motors and leads to high efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. The impeller is designed with a semi-open style and operates at remarkably high speeds (up to 7500 RPM) and is optimized for low-flow and high-pressure applications, enabling the pump to operate under a wide range of operational conditions. When it comes to safety and performance, EBARA ESR 30N is fully compliant with the European Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) directives. It also features an asynchronous motor that offers smooth, silent operation and a sturdy construction that ensures longevity of life and excellent performance. All of these features come together to ensure that ESR 30N is a versatile and reliable pump that will provide reliable performance and maximum efficiency regardless of the application.
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