Used EBARA ESR80WN #160675 for sale

ID: 160675
Dry pump Covers a wide pumping speed range from 46 to 706 CFM.
EBARA ESR80WN is a vertical centrifugal pump designed to deliver high-efficiency performance in a variety of applications. The pump consists of a precision-engineered, cast-iron volute along with an impeller made from a rust-resistant stainless steel. Additionally, the pump features corrosion-resistant components that make it ideal for use in seawater systems as well as a balanced motor unit to ensure vibrations are prevented. EBARA ESR 80WN has a high flow rate and it is capable of handling a maximum flow rate of up to 26,000 litres per hour. It also has a high pressure rating, with a maximum of up to 16 bar, making it suitable for a variety of applications. The pump also features an enclosed self-venting motor that prevents air from escaping and a built-in balancing device to reduce vibration even further. ESR80WN proven to be an efficient and reliable pump that is designed to offer long-term use with minimal maintenance. The overall construction of the pump allows it to work well with a variety of fluids, including clean water and seawater, making it ideal for general-purpose use. Additionally, the included check valve helps to prevent water hammering when starting and stopping the pump. As a result of its efficient and reliable design, ESR 80WN is ideal for many applications, such as swimming pools and spas. It is also suitable for other applications that require low to medium flow rates with higher pressures. Additionally, it has been used in a wide range of residential and commercial applications, such as cooling towers, fire protection systems and agriculture applications. EBARA ESR80WN pump is easy to install, maintain and operate, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an efficient, durable and reliable source of liquid transfer. Thanks to its high flow rate and pressure rating, it can help to reduce operating costs while improving performance.
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