Used EBARA ESR80WN #164522 for sale

ID: 164522
Dry pumps.
EBARA ESR80WN is a submersible pumping system used for drainage and other dewatering applications. It offers reliable, efficient operation and is an effective solution for transferring waste water and effluent. This pump operates with a sealed motor and impeller, immersed directly in the pumped liquid. EBARA ESR 80WN is capable of performing at medium-high flow rates, up to 260 gal/min, and it can handle a wide range of temperatures, up to 25°C (77°F). The housing and impeller are constructed of high grade stainless steel which makes the pump highly corrosion-resistant. The motor is also designed to be thermally protected and insulated to protect the motor from capacitor damage, increasing the life-span of the pump. ESR80WN has a 2" discharge port allowing it to handle low and medium pressure applications, while the built-in non-return valve prevents backflow and water hammer. This pump is designed to work under either wet or dry conditions and operates at maximum flow rates up to 37 feet of head, with a maximum liquid temperature up to 25°C. The pump also features silent operation with minimal turbulence, low noise and low vibration levels. ESR 80WN includes a built-in automatic start/stop system which prevents the pump from stalling or excessive wear and tear. EBARA ESR80WN offers a wide range of features which make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications, from transferring clear or corrosive liquids as well as for handling treated semi-liquids, solid particles and even fibrous materials. The pump is reliable, energy efficient and offers a low maintenance operation. Additionally, this pump is easy to install and can be coupled with EBARA accessories such as strainers and non-return valves, depending on the application.
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