Used EBARA EST 100WNHT #9098520 for sale

ID: 9098520
Dry pump.
EBARA EST 100WNHT is a submersible pump which is specifically designed for use in domestic hot water applications. It is a low-noise yet powerful pump and a reliable choice for a large variety of requirements. The pump features a stainless steel motor body with a stainless steel impeller and a PPS body impeller ring. This construction ensures a highly reliable performance and a long lifespan of the pump. The pump has an integrated thermal protection device for safe operation and minimal risks of damage by accidental overheating or jamming. The pump is also extremely energy-efficient with an efficiency rating of Class E and a rating of over 90% for the maximum operation range at an ambient temperature of 40°C. Its built-in motor protection and its easy to mount components are another major plus point. The pump also features flow-dependent and combined voltage protection systems. The pump has a maximum capacity of 100 l/min with a shut-off head of 20 m at an operating temperature of up to +95°C. Its formidable load and corrosion resistance makes it an ideal choice for installations in more acidic or otherwise aggressive environments. The pump also has the capacity to handle particles of up to 4mm in size. The pump is highly compact and lightweight, providing for easy handling and installation. To ensure optimal performance, the pump is equipped with an adjustable vertical float switch. This feature prevents the pump from running dry and protects it from damage. The inlet/outlet flanges are designed to fit standard piping connections, thus providing for a straightforward connection to the hot water system. In conclusion, EST 100WNHT pump is a robust, reliable and easy to install solution for a variety of domestic hot water applications. Its energy efficiency, load tolerance and corrosion resistance make it an ideal pick for many professional and domestic applications.
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