Used EBARA EST 200WN #9066810 for sale

ID: 9066810
Dry pump Brushless DC motor Advanced control / Monitoring devices Volts: 280 V.
EBARA EST 200WN is a vertical-mounted, end suction, centrifugal pump designed to provide reliable and efficient operation of water applications. This water pump features an all-cast iron construction that offers high strength and resistance to corrosive chemicals and gases. The body, impeller, and motor are designed to ensure maximum performance even in harsh operating conditions. Additionally, the construction of the motor also allows for a quiet operation with reduced vibration and noise levels. EST 200WN is powered by a two-pole motor operating at a single-phase power supply. This motor provides continuous duty operation and features a thermal overload protection device that will automatically shut down the pump in the event of overheating. The motor also has an IP54 rating, providing protection against water spray and dust. EBARA EST 200WN boasts a wide range of performance characteristics, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. This pump has a maximum flow rate of 200 liters per minute. With a maximum head pressure of 18 meters, it is capable of lifting water to a great height without requiring a lot of power. The maximum operating temperature and pressure of this pump are 80 degrees Celsius and 10 bars respectively. Furthermore, it is also available with additional motor protection systems such as a high and low ODP (overload protection devices) that provide extra safety in hazardous environments. The efficiency of EST 200WN is ensured by its impeller design. The impeller features adjustable blades that are designed to increase hydraulic performance while minimizing turbulence and noise. These blades are strategically angled to provide a smooth efficient operation with minimal pressure and cavitation losses. In conclusion, EBARA EST 200WN is a robust and reliable water pump designed to reduce operating costs while delivering optimal performance in a wide variety of water applications. Featuring a robust and durable construction, this pump is engineered for long-term use in hostile environments. In addition to robust design, it also features adjustable impeller blades and extra motor protection that offer superior performance and safety.
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